Classical Studies of Indianapolis (CSIndy) is a co-school that began in 2012 and now meets on the west side of Indianapolis. We are more than a typical “homeschool group” or a cooperative but we’re not a traditional school or academy. Our focus is to inspire a love of learning that grows out of a liberal arts education from a historically Classical Christian perspective while enhancing a home educator’s existing program.

  • Grammar (K-6)
    The first stage, Grammar (grades K-6), lends itself to a child’s natural ability to focus on concrete facts and store up tremendous amounts of information and recall them at will.
  • Dialectic (7-8)
    The second stage, Dialectic (grades 7-8), sharpens reason and introduces the art of respectful argument. It shifts from concrete to analytical, answering the question “why?” with the intention of understanding.
  • Rhetoric (9-12)
    The last stage, Rhetoric (grades 9-12), focuses on communication and expression. It is the culmination of knowledge, borrowing from the facts gained in the grammar stage and the understanding that comes from the Dialectic stage, Rhetoric hones the ability to communicate and defend what one knows understands in a confident and compelling way.