Faculty & Staff

Classical Studies of Indianapolis has a talented and dedicated staff of teachers and administrators. You can meet them below, and if you have questions or inquiries, please contact our program director.

Administrative Staff

Kate Ambrose
Program Director
Passionate about classical Christian education, Kate has taught history to CSIndy students for the past 5 years. From her experience as Lower Grammar Team Lead, then Head of School, and now Program Director she has seen the importance of being sensitive to those things that we, as parents, want for our children’s education, and the value of creating a culture of leadership that supports recruiting and retaining creative teachers who can truly connect with students. To her, classical education is a potent way to integrate the different disciplines, so her students can gain a healthier worldview from a Christian perspective and the tools necessary to foster a life-long love of learning.

Her own love affair with living history began at age 11 when she began working as a youth volunteer and then as an historical interpreter at Conner Prairie. She spent nine years making the year 1836 in Indiana’s history come alive for children and families. She studied social work at BSU & IUPUI and began her career in real estate in 2006 where she enjoys helping families find homes they love. Each year Kate volunteers to lead worship and Christian teaching for children at Camp Outreach – Indianapolis, which is a ministry dedicated to caring for the poor in an inner city neighborhood.

Married to Dan since 2006, they make their home in the Trader’s Point area where they raise their 3 lively daughters, who have only known the joy and benefits of being classically homeschooled.

Hannah Christy
Purchasing Manager

Rochelle Gibbons
Canvas Admin

Neti Hawk
Community Coordinator

Christy Lyons
LG Team Lead

Tina Miles
Assistant Program Director, Head of High School

Melinda Robinson
Day Administrator

Sarah Robinson
Registrar, Fundraising Coordinator

Shannon Ross
UG and D Team Lead

Teaching Staff

Harriet Allen
Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus

Amanda Archer
UG Recitation, D8 Drama, Drama Club

Kelly Berkholz
LG PE, D7 Science

Kristen Boers
LG Recitation, R9, R11, R12 Lit/Comp

Connie Brown
Pre-K Teacher

Nate Crouch
R9 Logic, R11 Rhetoric

Sarah Crouch
Pre-K Aide

Missy Daniels
LG3 Aide

Stacy Dowdell
LG/UG History

Traci Drummond
Nursery Coordinator

Lisa Dykstra
D8 Science, Chemistry

Kristin Faletic
UG Lit/Comp

Melissa Garcia
UG/D Choir

Rochelle Gibbons
Geometry, Pre-Algebra

Sharree Grannis
Anatomy & Physiology

Kayla Helmer
D7, R9 Speech, Spanish 1 & 2

Ryan King
R10 Lit/Comp, Worldview

Missi Lee
Kindergarten Aide

Heather Lyon
LG1 Aide

Christy Lyons
D7 Study Skills, JA Biztown

Christa Main
UG Lit/Comp

Faith Mallory
Nursery Aide

Tina Miles

Catherine Moore
Kindergarten Teacher, Yearbook Club

Rachel Osterhouse
LG Music

Katy Robinson
LG2 Aide

Shannon Ross
D7/D8 Lit Comp, R10 History

Kim Sole
UG Latin, D7/D8 Latin, Latin 2, Latin Club

Justin Spears
D7, D8, R9 History, Humanities II, Gov’t/Econ

Kayla Swenson
Yearbook Club

Michelle Vackar
LG/UG Art, Art Club

Katy Vetter
Robotics Club

Jennifer Weisheim
LG/UG Science