Board Nominees

Below are the nominations for CSIndy board of directors 2020 elections.

All board member nominees were vetted by the nomination committee. In addition to judging fitness for the needs of CSIndy, the following criteria must be met by each nominee:

  • A believer in Jesus Christ and willing to submit themselves to our statement of faith.
  • In good financial standing with CSIndy
  • Above reproach in their family and business dealing outside of CSIndy
  • Able to commit the time necessary to make CSIndy successful

Voting is open May 25-31. See Canvas for the ballot link.

Risha Bates

As a child, I recognized my need for a Savior and repented of my sin, but it wasn’t until my teen years that I understood what it meant to have a growing relationship with God. In the years since, He has been my anchor and my rock, and I continue to learn more each year how He wants to refine me. As a family, we attend Radiant Bible Church where we are active in the worship ministry and small groups.

Also in childhood, I developed an appetite for learning, and I first began to develop the idea of being an educator. I held on to that desire all the way into college where I studied to make education my career. I worked as a teacher for several years before having my children. Once my oldest reached school age, I felt the Lord pressing in me a desire to homeschool my children, so that is what we have done now for 8 years.

My husband is Dave, and we have been married for 16 years. We have four children, ranging in ages 6 to 13, and they all attend CSIndy. We have been a part of this community for six years and counting. When we first joined, I was also a part of the teaching staff. My desire now to join the board comes from a deep love that I have for this program and the community of families that are educating their children alongside mine. My perspective as a former teacher, both in this community and out, plus being a longtime member with children in multiple grade levels, is one that I think would be an asset to the board as we seek to support and guide this program. I look forward to the opportunity to serve our community in this role for the coming years.
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Darryl Christy

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Came to Christ when I was 12 through many influences but major moment was at home while watching Billy Graham crusade and was prompted to call in to indicate I needed Christ as my Savior and was willing to follow Him. On a lighter note I’m a big sports fan (Reds, Bengals) and love music (listening and playing trumpet), landscaping, and cooking (eating more so :). Graduated from Purdue with civil engineering degree and Ball State with math teaching degree. Have enjoyed working in both fields the last 20-25 years. Currently working at an environmental testing firm in Plainfield. Lovely wife and 4 energetic kiddos. Go to Lakeview Church and involved with some men’s groups with possibility of serving as deacon in the coming year. Ready to serve, be led, and lead when needed.
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Shaun Grannis

After exploring various religious faiths in my young adulthood, I committed my life to Christ during the summer of 1993 just before beginningmedical school, and more importantly, immediately before meeting my classmate and future wife, Sharree, who is a great blessing and support.

Perhaps because I am the child of two public school teachers, I am passionate about discovering and sharing the wonder of the awe-inspiring Universe the Lord has made. My wife and I share that excitement with our children. Our family has been with CSIndy for five years. We deeply value the rigorous classical Christian curriculum, the loving spiritual encouragement they receive, and the fact that students get the whole story — they not only study science, history, and the arts, but also encounter the very Author of these topics.

I bring several relevant experiences to the role of a board member. First, I am completing my inaugural term on the CSIndy board of directors, an experience that has provided me with insights into the organization. Second, I have served as an elected Delegate for my previous church, where I served as an interface between the congregation and pastoral staff, pastor counsel, and conference representative. Third, as a physician and faculty at the IU School of Medicine, I serve as Vice President for a research center with over 80 faculty and staff, executive responsibility, and accountability for the organization’s success. I served on the board of directors for the Indiana Health Information Exchange from 2016-2017. Further, from 2010-2013, I was appointed by then-Governor Mitch Daniels to serve on the Board of Directors for the Indiana Health Information Technology Corporation, whose mission was to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care for Hoosiers by advancing information technology. I am eager to continue contributing to CSIndy as it continues its journey, and would be honored to offer my skills and experience to the CSIndy board of directors.
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Bill Robinson

Hi, my name is Bill Robinson. I am married to the amazing Sarah Robinson and have two sons … who are going into R9 and D7. We have been a part of CS Indy for 6 years.

We really like the structure of classes at CS Indy and the quality of instruction. Equally important is the community and support it provides. It has been a true blessing to Sarah and our boys. I personally have enjoyed participating in Discovery Days and other programs too.

I grew up attending church regularly with my Mom but was not baptised until I was 18 and attending Kingsway Christian Church. Today, our family attends Radiant Bible Church.

I am Vice President, Data Engineering at hc1, a healthcare software company. I lead a team that manages our data lake and artificial intelligence projects. I have a B.S. from Purdue in Organizational Leadership and Supervision.

I enjoy getting out into nature with my family. We hike often and typically plan our vacations around national and state parks. We also love to travel all over the US and appreciate it’s diversity.
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Submissions have been edited slightly to keep the names of children private