COVID-19 Plan

for In-Person Instruction

We know that many of you have questions regarding CSIndy’s approach to managing COVID-19 during this school year. Thankfully, our community successfully managed COVID-19 last year, with no instances of COVID-19 cases being attributed to CSIndy attendance. To continue these efforts, the CSIndy Board of Directors formed a committee of physician and non-physician parents and board members to structure a COVID-19 plan for ongoing in-person instruction based on the best available evidence. We acknowledge and affirm the following principles for success:

  • Safeguarding the health and safety of staff and students is essential. A successful CSIndy school experience requires healthy families and teachers.
  • Retaining in-person learning as much as possible supports high-quality instruction. We recognize the immense value that face-to-face, relational interactions provide.
  • Parental autonomy regarding medical decision-making is foundational to our community. We will not make medical decisions on behalf of any student or family. Such decisions are best made in consultation with health care providers who have the full training and medical decision-making experience to inform the advice they give.
  • Where discussed in the plan below, COVID-19 testing is encouraged, not required.
  • Remaining at home to quarantine or reduce exposure risk is always an option.

3. Point to the more current CDC guidelines, which are concise and easy to follow.