COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends,

We at CSINDY deeply care for all in our community, and those outside as well. As Christians we feel the necessity of showing concern and care for the health of all, not just those inside our community. We have been entrusted with almost 200 children and 40 some employees, leaving our campus in a grey zone following Governor Holcomb’s decree of no gatherings of 250 or more to try to contain and “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 virus. However, after much reflection, prayer, and consultation with our Board of Directors, administrative team, medical professionals, and the local health department CSINDY has decided, with unanimous Board approval, to suspend in person instruction for the week of March 16th – 20th switching the campus entirely to E-Learning that week through Canvas. The following week is Spring Break; during Spring Break I, along with all those aforementioned, will reevaluate the situation and amount of time that CSINDY needs to remain remote and E-Learning based for the sake of public safety. Our hope will be to return to in person instruction beginning March 30th, but we encourage our families and faculty to be prepared for an extension of E-Learning time if the COVID-19 virus is not more contained.

As a co-school, we are privileged to be set up to handle E-Learning more easily than most. Through Canvas our teachers will provide the following by 10 AM Monday, in addition to their regular Canvas assignments:

  • For Pre-K – LG3, provide some type of assignment/lesson plan/activity for Monday.
  • For UG4 – UG6 there will be some activity or lesson for the day along with the option of Canvas Conference, at teacher discretion.
  • D7+ Students will be expected to attend a Canvas Conference if available and complete assignments given.

For those of you not familiar with Canvas Conferences, it is a tool similar to Zoom or GoToMeeting integrated into Canvas. Teachers can either have live classes, or pre-recorded classes uploaded and accessible to students. Students can interact with the teacher through Canvas if they are attending a live conference or use the discussion option for pre-recorded conferences. Discussions can also be held outside of the conferencing option, and teachers may opt for that instead.
For families with limited access to computers or multiple children, we recommend you prioritize computer access for your older students and know that instructors will understand and give lots of grace throughout this situation. We also ask you show that same grace and forbearance with our instructors as they navigate teaching classes differently.

If you have specific technology related questions, Rochelle Gibbons our amazing Canvas administrator will make herself available tomorrow to faculty for training/answering questions. For parents with questions, a discussion will be set up in the Library on Canvas tomorrow, to speak to any issues you might have. Further, we hope with announcing the transition now, both our faculty and families will be set up to hit the ground running Monday instead of scrambling to figure out this new system for learning.
Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions or concerns. I will miss seeing all the students next week, and hope that if you have any difficulties or issues you reach out so we can assist your family and make any E-Learning weeks as successful for you as possible.
Also, for any families new or returning who have not completed their registration, we have extended our early bird registration price through May 1st in order to compensate for the missed Open House on March 16th . Registration will remain $99/student until April 30th, to allow families time to make important decisions.

I am sure we will all continue to join together to pray for those dealing with this health crisis.
Who to contact:

Kate Ambrose
Program Director
Classical Studies of Indianapolis
Excellence in Christian Eduation