Dual-Track Program

CSIndy, at its core, seeks to provide exceptional education for its families at all levels. We recognize that not all students’ needs and educational goals are the same, and therefore in an attempt to better meet the individual needs of our students and families, and based on feedback we have received from parents, we are planning to pilot a dual-track program for our 9th graders in the 2020-2021 school year.

The additional classes offered in this dual option are more closely aligned to a Core 40 College Prep track. The three classes being proposed are: R9 Lit/Comp, R9 American History I, and Biology. CSIndy’s standard, honors-level curriculum for these classes will also be offered.

The classes in the dual option program will have distinct expectations, assignments, and tests depending on whether you enroll your student in the CSIndy Standard Honors or Core 40 track. Both sections of American History I and Biology will be taught by the same teacher in the same classroom, however, R9 Lit/Comp will be taught by different teachers in different classrooms. Regardless, each class will be separately detailed on Canvas as two different course sections, with different expectations.

meet those enrollment numbers, CSIndy may not be able to offer a dual option. Final decisions for the dual-track offering will be made by April 1st.

As a reminder, registration for returning students opens February 1st, with waitlist families or families wanting to add additional students opening March 1-2, and general registration opening March 3rd.