Executive Director


Reports To: Board of Directors

Position Objective: The Executive Director leads the Christ-centered, educationally excellent program for CSINDY, embodying CSINDY core values and mission, while developing the program spiritually, financially, and physically to achieve the long-term vision.

Position Summary: Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will implement and assure adherence to CSINDY policies and values. He or she will lead the co-school program directors, administrative staff, and serve as the overall face of the program to the community. The Executive Director will develop and implement operational strategies (e.g., marketing, fundraising, etc.), and direct the organization.

The Executive Director will:

  • Have a clear testimony of saving faith in Jesus Christ and a passionate, growing, personal relationship with Him.
  • Demonstrate spiritual maturity while committed to the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Display Christlikeness in personal character.
  • Lead with a humble spirit, God-dependent faith and a servant’s heart.
  • Embody a spirit of teamwork and collaboration.
  • Be teachable and willing to be held accountable.
  • Model the practice of blending grace and truth.
  • Regularly pray for CSINDY and maintain personal spiritual health within their local Christ-centered, Biblically-based church.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in education or related field with minimum 10 years educational experience in a public, private or co-school environment
  • Executive leadership experience in a non-profit environment preferred
  • Strong knowledge of classical Christian education

The Executive Director will:

  • Serve as a spiritual leader for the school, fostering a strong biblical worldview among staff, students, and families.
  • Encourage all to be in daily prayer and Bible study while giving support and counsel as required.
  • Promote Christ-centered educational excellence throughout the organization.
  • Ensure CSINDY policies and core values are embedded throughout all levels of the co-school program under the guidance of the Board of Directors.
  • Communicate regularly with the Board of Directors regarding status, programs, finances, co-school and staff development while also promoting the co-school.
  • Recruit, retain, develop, and direct principals, administrative staff, and teachers.
  • Work with appropriate staff to develop the annual budget and implement after the Board of Director’s approval.
  • Generate a safe learning environment for all staff and students.
  • Create and lead all fundraising initiatives to further strengthen CSINDY’s financial position and interests.
  • Implement CSINDY’s long-term vision for all co-school levels.
  • Accomplish all other duties as assigned.


  • Agreement with CSINDY’s statement of faith and doctrinal position
  • Ability to plan, organize, and direct people and programs from a biblical worldview perspective
  • Mentor and motivate people toward attaining their God-ordained potential
  • Proven leader of leaders who works to create a culture of care, accountability, and transparency among CSINDY community
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to implement and execute strategy
  • Self-starter with drive, passion and initiative
  • Project and task-oriented; able to manage multiple priorities
  • Solid understanding of non-profit finances and fundraising
  • Thrives in working with a team by appropriately delegating tasks and responsibilities
  • Elicits feedback and follows up on assignments to ensure everyone involved is adequately equipped to succeed
  • Is able to diffuse difficult situations while problem solving and respecting confidentiality

This is a part time salaried position.

Application Form

In addition to this form, please email your resume/CV to executivesearch@csindy.org.

You may also email in place of this form, providing answers to the questions below in the email body.

Please read both our Statement of Faith and our Guiding Principles:
CSINDY Statement of Faith
CSINDY Mission, Vision, and Doctrinal Statement