Job Openings

Classical Studies of Indianapolis is a private, Christian co-school. At the high school level, students come to classes twice a week and complete lessons and readings at home the other days. Teachers are expected to provide interactive and engaging classroom experiences on Monday and Wednesday and create a detailed outline of work for students to complete at home. Teachers will be trained on the Online Management System used by the school (Canvas) and utilize it to post work and interact with students. Class sizes are small and students are very engaged and adept at working at home. 

At the Middle School level, classes meet once a week, so it is even more vital for that one day of face-to-face instruction be dynamic and engaging. Then clear direction must be given for students and parents to work the rest of the week on the assigned work.

At the high school level of a Classical Education, we are expecting students to take part in Socratic discussions, write complex essays and give presentations to their peers. Through biblical integration and instruction our students grow in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.


2021-22 Open Positions

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