Mission & Vision


To bring glory to God.

Classical Studies of Indianapolis (CSIndy) seeks to glorify God by collaborating with homeschool parents in the classical education of students, the development of a Christlike character, and equipping those students for life with a biblical worldview.


Supporting homeschool families, cultivating hearts and minds for Christ.

CSIndy supports homeschool families by providing high quality educational resources, working closely together with families to foster an atmosphere for learning that inspires academic excellence and develops a deep love of Christ.

CSIndy is a classical Christian co-school, a collaborative effort between parent and teacher to cultivate the hearts and minds of students for Christ. CSIndy recognizes that the primary responsibility for the educational and spiritual journey of the student lies squarely with the parents. Our goal is to help parents who have chosen to homeschool meet that responsibility by providing qualified Christian educators, an engaging classroom structure based on Biblical curriculum, and a supportive Christ honoring community.


Critical thinkers fully equipped to impact their world for Christ.

Students involved with our program are curious, think critically, communicate with eloquence, and launch into the world fully equipped with a biblical worldview. They are prepared to defend their beliefs and impact their communities with the grace and knowledge of Christ.


Christ-centered and Biblically Based.

We value a Christ-centered and Biblically based education. In our submission to biblical authority, it is our desire that all students enrolled at CSIndy come to know Christ as their Savior and live a life that honors Him and furthers His kingdom. As we intentionally disciple students for Christian life we also believe that the best way to train them for cultural engagement in an ever-changing and sinful world is through the power of the Holy Spirit. If we introduce our students to the Heavenly Father and create in them an excitement to pursue relationship with Him, we can then expect that our students will seek to live a life that aligns with the Great Commission (Matt 28:18–20) through the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. We see God’s hand woven throughout every subject taught at CSIndy and will highlight Him as the primary subject in every class.

Educational Excellence through the Classical Model

CSIndy seeks to achieve Educational Excellence through the Classical Model of Education. The classical approach teaches students how to learn and how to think, emphasizing the seeking after of truth, goodness, and beauty. It is largely because of its approach to how and when students are taught that classical education is so effective.

Classical Education is based on the three stages of learning for children: Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric. It is a method of learning that follows the natural brain development of children. The first stage, Grammar (grades K-6), lends itself to a child’s natural ability to focus on concrete facts, store up tremendous amounts of information, and recall them at will. The second stage, Dialectic (grades 7-9), sharpens reason and introduces the art of respectful argument. It shifts from concrete to analytical, answering the question “why?” with the intention of understanding. During this stage, students learn reasoning, informal and formal logic, and how to argue with wisdom and eloquence. The last stage, Rhetoric (grades 10-12), which is the art of persuasive speaking and effective writing, is the culmination of a student’s knowledge, borrowing from the facts gained in the grammar stage and the understanding that comes from the Dialectic stage. Rhetoric hones the ability to communicate and defend what one now understands in a confident and compelling way.

It is precisely this kind of education that has produced countless great leaders, inventors, scientists, writers, philosophers, theologians, physicians, lawyers, artists, and musicians over the centuries. A classical education gives students the ability to become well-trained in Christ, ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world with not only knowledge and wisdom, but love, grace, and truth.

Parental Authority and Responsibility

A core value at CSIndy is recognizing parental authority and responsibility in the home. We understand from Scripture that parents have primary responsibility for raising their children up in the Lord. CSIndy is an academic, spiritual, and social support to homeschooling parents as they prepare their children to handle life biblically. We value mutual trust and respect between classroom educators and parents, collaborating to cultivate the hearts and minds of students for Christ under the authority and responsibility of the parents.

God-honoring Community

A God-honoring community is a key component to the success of CSIndy. An engaged community of parents and students work to create strong and lasting relationships and helps to balance the truth of sound knowledge with the refining grace of brotherly love. As students develop spiritually, relationally and educationally, we understand that there needs to be accountability to biblical truth. A strong Christian community helps to create stability for families and reinforces the biblical virtues of
Christ within our students.

Doctrinal Statement

We believe that God is one in essence, but that He exists in three distinct and equal persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and that these three have precisely the same nature, attributes, and perfections (Matt 28:20; John 1:1-3; John 14:26).

We believe that the Bible is the inspired, complete, and only Word of God, and that both inspiration and inerrancy extend to every part of the writings as they came from God (Is 40:8; 2 Tim 3:16-17; 2

Pet 1:20-21).

We believe in God as absolute and sole Creator of the universe and that creation was by divine fiat (Gen 1:1; Ex 20:11; Heb 11:3; Rev 4:11).

We believe that man was created by God in His image (Gen 1:26) to enjoy His fellowship; that by his own choice, he decided to rebel against his Creator; that every person since that time has been born a sinner (Ps 51:5; Rom 3:23; 1 John 1:8-10); that our personal sins cause us to have need of justification and redemption; and that sin is universal (Rom 5:12-14).

We believe that God, by His sovereign choice and out of love for humanity, sent Jesus Christ into the world to save sinners through His death on the cross (John 3:16-17). We believe that we are justified before God by His grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ (Rom 5:1-2). We believe that there is no way of salvation other than through Jesus Christ (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; Eph 2:1-9).

We believe that Jesus Christ is both God and man (John 1:1, 14; John 10:30); that He was born of the virgin Mary (Is 7:14; Is 9:6); that He died for our transgressions; that He rose bodily from the dead; that He ascended to the right hand of God the Father; and that He will return to the earth bodily and visibly to set up His eternal kingdom (Eph 1:7-10; Eph 2:4-9; Col 1:13-20; Heb 1:3-4).

We believe The Lord established marriage as the beautiful mystery of one man and one woman being united as one flesh (Gen 2:18, 24; Mark 10:6-12), and that sexual intimacy is only appropriate within the bond of sacred marriage (Acts 15:19-20, 1 Cor 6:9-7:5). We believe that children are a blessing from The Lord (Ps 127), and it is the parents’ duty to disciple their children (Deut 6:4-9, Rom 12:2).

We believe that civil authorities are established by the Lord (Rom 13:1-5; 1 Pet 2:13-14). Governments exist under God’s sovereignty (Prov 16:4; Is 42:8).

We believe The Lord established The Church with the keys of the kingdom of Heaven, to be the pillar and foundation of the truth (Matt 16:18-18:35; Matt 28:18-20; 1 Tim 3:15) and to make disciples of all nations.

We believe that God wonderfully and immutably creates each person as male or female; these two distinct, complementary genders together reflect the image and nature of God (Gen 1:26-27); therefore, human life is of inestimable worth in all its dimensions, including pre-born babies, the aged, the physically or mentally challenged, and every other stage or condition of development from conception through natural death. We are therefore called to defend, protect, and value all human life (Ps 139).